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Pinpoint Unit Replacement!

Arcoaire Package Units

If you are in the market for a new air conditioner, Arcoaire is produced by I.C.P., the same company that produces Carrier! Your Arcoaire home air conditioner, heat pump, or furnace will carry a limited warranty on all functional parts. Most Arcoaire units feature an outstanding 10-year parts limited warranty!

3 Ton, 14 SEER, Arcoaire by Carrier, Package Heat-Pump
Arcoaire by Carrier, 3 Ton, 14 SEER, Split Air Condtioner

Arcoaire Split Units

Arcoaire offers outstanding split units that are backed by the same 10-year limited parts warranty as long as the entire system is changed! Be sure to register your unit with the manufacture to receive your full warranty! Make your new A/C an Arcoaire!

Arcoaire Furnaces

Arcoaire replacement furnaces are backed by the same 10-year limited parts warranty as long as the entire system is changed! Other key components, such as heat exchangers, may carry a longer limited warranty.

Arcoaire by Carrier, 80%, Gas Furnace
Thermal Zone by Rheem, 14 SEER, Gas Package Unit

Rheem and Thermal Zone

Rheem and Thermal Zone, by Rheem, are both fantastic units offering up to a 10 year limited warranty with registration!

Mitsubishi Mini Splits

If you have a garage or bonus room that never seems to keep up the a mini-split from Mitsubishi may be what you need! Call today for your free quote!

Mitsubishi Mini Split

Free Quotes on Unit Replacement!

We offer an extensive range of makes and models from multi-stage, high SEER, dual fuel, systems to units designed to fit any budget! Call today for your free quote! Ask about our dependable Rheem, Thermal Zone, Arcoaire and Mitsubishi options! Many purchases qualify for a tax credit!

Our technicians are trained to diagnose and solve a wide array of problems! Whether you have a heat-pump or a conventional air conditioner running R-22 or R-410a our team has the experience to get your system operating at peak efficiency!


What to do if You Notice a Problem!

The best thing you can do to prevent farther damage if you notice a problem is to shut off power as soon as possible. The sooner you shut off the power the greater your chances of avoiding a more costly repair or unit change-out! After you have shut your unit down call us for a full inspection and repair!

Keep an eye out for water coming from 3/4" emergency drainage pipes that are normally dry, discolored water coming from the primary 3/4" drainage pipe, rust in the drain pan under the unit inside, soot like deposits around or in your gas furnace, a poof of flame as the furnace lights, or any rusted or cracked vent pipes as these could be signs of major problems!

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