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Pinpoint Temperature Control!

Nest Thermostats

Our Nest Pros install and set up new Nest thermostats and are happy to give walkthroughs and pair with the Nest app, during install, for any customer upon request!

A new Nest thermostat
A Honeywell T1Pro thermostat

Honeywell Thermostats

Honeywell is the gold standard when it comes to reliable thermostats, zone controllers, and powered dampers which is why, with the exception of Nest, we exclusively sell Honeywell products.

Why Should You Upgrade?

Many older digital thermostats lack the built in time delay to minimize the risk of damage to your unit during power surges, while all pre-digital thermostats lack this feature. Additionally, those with multi-stage units may lower their utility bills!

Circuit Board

Zone Control Boards

If your zone system isn't acting right contact us to have a new Honeywell zone control board installed!

Thermostat Wiring

The thermostat is often one of the most overlooked components in a HVAC installation, but can cause problems if too low a gauge of wire is used or there are too few wires. In some cases a thermostat wire upgrade may allow access to untapped potential in your machine!

Thermostat Wiring

Upgrade Your Thermostat Today!

Modern digital thermostats feature built in protections, to keep your unit working for years to come, in addition to helping to hold your house closer to the set temperature. It may even reduce energy cost or, in rare cases, unlock untapped potential in your system!

See our Thermostat DIY Guide for more!

What to do if You Notice a Problem!

The best thing you can do to prevent farther damage if you notice a problem is to shut off power as soon as possible. The sooner you shut off the power the greater your chances of avoiding a more costly repair or unit change-out! After you have shut your unit down call us for a full inspection and repair!

Keep an eye out for water coming from 3/4" emergency drainage pipes that are normally dry, discolored water coming from the primary 3/4" drainage pipe, rust in the bottom of the drain pan under the unit inside, soot like deposits around or in your gas furnace, a poof of flame as the furnace lights, or any rusted or cracked vent pipes as these could be signs of major problems!

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