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Pinpoint Ductwork Solutions!

Attic Duct Systems

Is your system failing to keep your home cool during the summer months? A compromised duct system could be to blame!

Attic Ductwork Duct
Crawlspace Duct Ductwork

Crawlspace Duct Systems

Our Crawlspace duct is hung as high as the environment will allow to prevent damage and decay from water exposure!

Duct Repair

If you have a room that is not getting airflow you may need our duct repair service! We make all connections to existing boots via crimped metal collars for a secure, air tight, connection that lasts!

Duct Run ductwork repair
Dirty AC Coil

The Effects of Bad Ductwork

A poorly designed or badly damaged duct system could damage your unit and even your health! When cleaning isn't enough call us for a free quote on a full duct system replacement and breath easy!

Commercial Duct

If your business, not for profit, organization, church, or apartment complex is in need of a duct system or duct repair don't hesitate to schedule your free on site quote!

Duct Ductwork

Artisan Quality Ductwork

At Pinpoint Air our experienced HVAC technicians are experts in high quality duct installation, repair, and replacement.  If your home has rooms that always feel hot or cold compared to the rest of the house, our stepped and load balanced duct systems and zone systems may be what you need!  Are you are suffering from unexplained allergies?  In many cases we can replace your old, dirty, poorly insulated ductwork for just a fraction more than a cleaning service would charge!

What to do if You Notice a Problem!

The best thing you can do to prevent farther damage if you notice a problem is to shut off power as soon as possible. The sooner you shut off the power the greater your chances of avoiding a more costly repair or unit change-out! After you have shut your unit down call us for a full inspection and repair!

Keep an eye out for water coming from 3/4" emergency drainage pipes that are normally dry, discolored water coming from the primary 3/4" drainage pipe, rust in the bottom of the drain pan under the unit inside, soot like deposits around or in your gas furnace, a poof of flame as the furnace lights, or any rusted or cracked vent pipes as these could be signs of major problems!

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