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Thermostat Manufacture Installation Guides

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Links to Common Honeywell and Nest Products

A new Nest gen 3 thermostat installed on a wall.

I have installed each of these thermostats and zone controllers more times than I can count and recommend these models for their ease of use, accuracy, longevity, and outstanding unit protections. While most of these models are intended only to be sold to professionals, many can be found, both new and used, from various sites.

Thermostat Installation Guides

Here we offer convenient links to a variety of Honeywell and Nest thermostat manufacturer installation guides.


The Focuspro and VisionPro line of thermostats were briefly discontinued after the launch of the T Series line, but was relaunched following shortly after. All feature a green backlight.

Simple controls with large temperature buttons and a physical switch for choosing between off, heat, and air conditioning and separate switch for choosing fan mode make the FocusPro 3000 a favorite for anyone accustomed to a mechanical thermostat!

Comes with ether a standard sized screen or a large screen with the Pro version. The controls are simple for anyone accustomed to electronic devices. The FoucsPro 5000 features a single button to cycle through off, heat, and air conditioning and a separate button for choosing fan mode.

The Focuspro 6000 is a programmable thermostat that features the same controls as the Focuspro 5000, with the exception of two additional buttons for bringing up the schedule and accessing the menu.


The Honeywell VisionPro 8000 is a programmable thermostat with now somewhat dated touchscreen controls, but holds up well otherwise.


The T series is Honeywell's modern lineup of thermostats. All T series feature a white backlight and come with a large enough "beauty plate" to cover any marks left by previous thermostat installations.

With it's three button controls the T1 Pro is the most simple to use entry in Honeywell's new line-up.

The T4 Pro is a programmable thermostat that features a large screen and five button interface.

Modern touch screen controls and WiFi sets the programmable T6 Pro Smart apart from its peers!


The Nest Gen 3 solves the problems of its predecessors, providing a reliable learning thermostat experience with the option to integrate it into a network of smart-home devices.

Zone Controller Installation Guides

Here we offer convenient links to common of Honeywell zone controller installation guides.


If you need a zone controller, Honeywell's TruZone zone controllers are widely considered to be the best on the market.

Final Thoughts

Do you agree with these picks? Want to see another model added? Leave a comment below or on our Facebook page!

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