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Pontiac Fiero Guides and Walkthroughs

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Links to Fiero Manuals, Wiring Diagrams, Tuning Resources, Engine Swap Guides, Mods, and Fixes!

The engine bay of a 1987 Pontiac Fiero GT with fresh paint and a new ignition system.

This is a list of Pontiac Fiero Guides and Walkthroughs I have compiled for my personal Fiero projects. Currently I am resto-modding a 1987 Fiero GT. Final goal for the project is a 3.4L block, ported and polished 2.8L Fiero intake, larger throttle body, 7730 ECM swap, 4t65E four speed automatic.

Fiero GT Maintenance and Mods Playlist

Pontiac Fiero Service Manuals, Guides and Walkthroughs GM 60-degree V6 Power Manual, Pontiac 2.5 Engine Build Information Massive write-up that goes over tons of mods and swaps. Easy to search The Ogre's Fiero Cave - Tons of specs and how-to's, better than factory alignment sheet Fiero Engine Conversion Info, DIY ECM / PCM Reprogramming, Download Wiring Diagrams and Pinouts, GM LS4 V8 / 4T65E info Pinouts, Detailed write-ups on many different wiring harness conversions, OBD II conversion write-ups Old Fiero Warehouse page Fiero Ignition Systems diagrams and explanation Subwoofer installation walk-through All the files you need to start tuning the stock Fiero GT's 7170 ECM can be found here All the files you need to start tuning the 7730 ECM upgrade can be found here Beretta front brake upgrade for 1984 - 1987 List recalls and what was changed 160 Baud ALDL operating characteristics, 160 Baud Mode Words & Status Flag Descriptions for 7170 ECU Download Wiring Diagrams and Pinouts for lots of ECM swaps, engine swaps, and transmission swaps GM ignition module internals and explanation Pretty much every factory Pontiac cam and head specs, lots of aftermarket cam and head specs, need DesktopDyno 2000 or DesktopDyno 2003 to use A cheap arduino based engine management solution, can be tuned with MegaSquirt software DOHC 3.4L swap information

Final Thoughts

If there is a guide that has helped you post it here or on our Facebook page to have it included.

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